"The harvest is truly great... "


"It has been said that there is only one thing God is building on earth--His church. I would add that there is only one way God is building His church--by disciples making disciples."

Kevin W Bubna 

About GHIM

GHIM (Great Harvest Int' Ministries) is a small grass roots movement.  It's not one missionary's story but the story of how God is using Africans to reach Africans, one person, one village at a time.  Sharing God's story we disciple people to Christ, taking the Gospel to where it has never been or has not been understood.  When one old woman heard God's story for the first time she asked: "Am I too old to know this love of God?"  

And so it continues. From villages of Mozambique to the jungles of Congo. From English to Portuguese, to Ciyao, Makua, Chichewa, Kiswahili, French, and others, the Gospel is being proclaimed. Young and old, some the poorest of the poor, are finding Jesus in the darkest places where unspeakable cultural beliefs are practiced.




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